How Chestnut Creek Heritage Chapel Came to Be

November 2012—Group of cousins, most of whom had never met, gathered in the cemetery to find common ancestors’ burial sites. Lynn envisioned a reunion.

April 2013—First Coopers Cousins Reunion.

March 2014—Pam and Denise met with Jason and Gene of Chestnut Creek Baptist Church.

April 2014—Chestnut Creek Baptist Church voted to allow Chestnut Creek Heritage Chapel to repair the property and use it for the community.

May 2014—Second Coopers Cousins Reunion.

August 2014—Ola joined our efforts to form the nonprofit.

September 2014—Chestnut Creek Heritage Chapel became a legal nonprofit organization.

October 2014—First Board Meeting.

December 2014 – Deed Signing

December 2015 – 501c(3) status approved

Our Vision

Promote the feeling that one has “stepped back in time” upon entering.
Reopen the balcony.
Remove carpeting and refinish hardwood flooring.
Display items in mini-museum rooms surrounding the sanctuary.
House genealogical collections, a library, and internet connection.

What can you do?

Share your memories. Write them down.
Send us copies of old photographs or allow us to make copies.
Donate pieces for the museum rooms – late 1800s to Mid 1900s;                                                                                                                                       ( ideas such as old tools, household items such as handmade quilts)

Join Us To Meet These Goals

Replace the siding on the front
Provide electricity and water to the building (donate $120 yearly in honor/memory of loved one)
Use the facility for community programs, such as singings, weddings, reunions, etc.
Share your research with us through documents and photographs

What can you do?

Donate your time and talents. All talents are needed from carpentry, to cleaning, and demolition.
Make a suggested minimum donation of $20 or more monthly to repair and maintain this building.