Many Hands Make Light Work

There are five Board members at Chestnut Creek Heritage Chapel and a small group who serve on the Advisory Council. There is no way such a small handful of people could do all that needs to be done to raise necessary funds, preserve and restore the building, and open it up for community events. But with help from scores of people who’ve donated, time, effort, and money, the work is being done!















Joyce Adams
Winifred Akridge
Alabama Power Energizers
Crystal Bailey
Jamie Barnett
Billie Bates
Brandi Bean
Rita Beaton
Sharon Beutler
Lynn Blackmon
Linda Blankenship
Bonnie Bonner
Charles & Hazel Boswell
Barney & Jean Brown
Joanne & Lloyd Brown
Christy Bryant
Don & Shirley Byrd
Jennifer & Terry Byrd
Timothy & Cristine Byrd
Jimmy & Kim Caldwell
Bobby & Karen Cagle
Charles & Bobbi Cagle
Randy Cagle
Lynn & Andy Cerny
Patricia W Chambliss
Robert D. Clark
Ben Clements
Lydia Coker
Elizabeth Collins
Ron & Kathy Collins
Fred Cox
Kay Coy
Randall Crawford
Cuba Baptist Church
Carolyn Cumbie
Sonni Cummings
Stacey Cummings
Susan & Ken Daniel
Brittany Davenport
Betty Jo & Jack Davis
Chris & Myra Davis
Vickie & Jimmie Davis
William Davis
Martha Dean
Mark Dedman
Ruth Deloach
Mike Dennis
Roger & Sheila DeVaughn
Dellennie Dorough
Patrick Dorough
James Dozier
Barbara Gail Driskell
Mike & Georgia Dyer
Brenda Easterling
Lena Easterling
David & Idis Edwards
Ken & Sue Edwards
Pete & Sally Edwards
Robert Edwards
Tracy Edwards
Jacqueline & Michael Frugoli
David & Rachel Giles
Nancy & Joe Green
Perry Green
Julie Griffin
Florence Griffon
Julie & John Guthrie
Michael Haddon
JoAnn Hall
Hazel Hann
David & Diana Hiott
Mr. & Mrs. W.C.Hornady
Tony Hughes
Jeanette Jessop
Betty L Jones.
Dwight & Bonnie Jones
Margaret Jones
Pam Jones
Trina Jones
Patricia Joyner
Katie Keene
Pat Kelley
Wendell & Janice Kelley
Chalice Kicker
Becky & Dennis Lamons
Nita Lavender
Delores Leedy
Patti & Gene Littleton
Linda & Bill Lockhart
Gerald & Maxine Logan
Jane Mason
Deb May
George & Patsy McCain
Betty McCary
Lynda & Edwin McElroy
Glenn McGriff
Martha McGriff
Euba Melhem
Judy Mitchell
Frances Moore
Kimberly Moore
Melissa Nannini
Jacqueline Neeley
Lois & Bobby Nobles
Steve Norris
Mary Ousley
Charlotte Owens
Charles & Juanita Payton
Merita Peek
Pam Persons
Richard Pilgreen
Jimmy Plyler
James Lewis Popwell
Dana Price
Gwen & Wayne Price
Monica Price
Hunter Pugh
Barbara Ray
Michelle Reeves
Sibley & Rhonda Reynolds
Dot & Jack Riley
Patrick Riley
Debbie Roberson
Ross Robinson
Charles & Delilah Roller
Sharon & Lane Ross
Charles & Betty Russell
Chuck & Barbara Russell
Willie Sansom
Angie Scarbrough
Denise & Greg Scarbrough
Marion & Ann Sheppard
Judy Shields
Angel Smith
Linda Smith
Patsy Smitherman
Sally Speaks
Randy & Bobbie St. John
Richard & Hazel Strength
Karen & Lee Swann
Jessica Taylor
Ola Taylor
Roy Taylor
Marilyn & Charles Thomas
Tim & Melissa Tucker
Kelley Tracy
Judy Trammell
Jane Vines
Lisa Ward
Mary Kate Weir
David & Jennifer Wendt
Jennifer Williams
Beverly Wingard
Woodmen of the World
Beverly Wyatt

In addition to this list, there have been countless anonymous monetary donors who have
given generously w
ithout expectation of recognition.